Benin Discovery update!

This week we have a guest blog post from 2 of our Discoverers serving in administration at the Wycliffe Benin headquarters in Cotonou.  

Dear Friends, 
Thank you again for your prayers for my time in Benin, West Africa. The Lord has been so faithful. Last week's English camp went well (the parents/kids wanted us to continue the camp for the next three weeks), as well as the staff training.  We were also privileged to play a very, very small part in the translation work of "The Purpose Driven Life" into Fon language. 

Some of our prayer requests are as follows:

- Staff Devotional: I will be leading the staff devotional time on Friday morning, so I am asking the Lord for wisdom as I prepare. 
- Translation Projects: We ask that you would join us in praying for the translation projects in Dasa and Houeyogbe. The Houeyogbe project is expected to take approximately nine years. The first phase (three years) will involve the translation of Genesis and Luke into Saxwe. Once this occurs, the Jesus film and another film on Abraham will be translated into Saxwe. The second phase (six years) will involve the translation of the entire New Testament. Separately, the Dasa project is also in its early stages. Salomon and I will be visiting this project next week. Please join us in praying for the completion of these projects, as well as our travels to Dasa (08/14-08/17). 
- Health Issues: We are praising the Lord that one of our team members has recovered from malaria.
- Lesson Planning: Salomon and I are teaching English to staff members and other associates of Wycliffe this week. We are also helping with various administrative tasks. Please pray that God would guide and direct our every step. 
- Communication Challenges: We are asking the Lord to help us as Salomon and I learn English and French (Fon, Ife and Idaasha), respectively. 
- Team: Salomon and I are also praying for each of our team members. We are now in the "thick" of our respective projects, so we are praying that the Lord might strengthen, energize and encourage each of the team members. 
- Staff: Please keep the 13 Wycliffe Benin missionaries and their families in your prayers. Wycliffe USA has traditionally supported these missionaries financially (a certain percentage), but this funding will be phased out entirely in the next two fiscal years. As missionaries from a developing nation, it is a challenge to raise the needed funds to support their families. 
- Other: We thank the Lord that Salomon received a full scholarship for his Master's studies in Niger. Please continue to pray for him as he makes the necessary plans for the upcoming academic year.

Thank you again for your prayers. 



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