Benin Discovery Pictures

Our team's first Saturday of orientation in Benin!

Zemidjans (motorcycle taxis) are the most popular public transportation option.  I don't think I had my eyes closed for long:-)

OK... I know I'm not wearing a helmet... look a few pictures down!

We visited the hometown of the Wycliffe Benin director. We had a great pounded yam lunch at his family house and enjoyed meeting the relatives.

A sister of the director

Daniel Dedji -Wycliffe Benin Director

Prosper Nongnide telling an African riddle

Idaasha language project staff with Discoverers

Discoverers enjoying the mountain top near Dassa-Zome

During debrief we enjoyed the rooftop as our meeting space

Danielle and I bought helmets!

Celebrating Benin Independence day with yam fufu

John & Eustache standing by a symbol of unity 

Discovery hosted an English camp for the Wycliffe Benin children:-)


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