Memories of our recent trip to Korea

During our recent trip to Korea we had so many great memory making experiences in addition to Jordan and Young Ju's wedding.  Together we enjoyed traveling.... trains, subways and buses in addition to cars

And we got to see many interesting sights in Korea, including....

A lantern festival in Jinju

A train themed botanical garden/amusement park that included a stay in a motel room in a refurbished train car

And what may be one of the smallest fountains ever in the largest department store in the world!

But really (as is usually the case for us) the most fun and memorable times of our trip revolved around the yummy food...

 Snacks at a Rest Stop along the highway (wish we had rest stops like this here in the US!)

Dinner out with the entire family

Eating eggs that had  just been soft boiled in the waters of a natural hot spring

....and special relationships.  It was such a gift to spend time with our son, our new daughter in law and her family as we enjoyed getting to know each other better.

 Thanks Jordan and Youngju (and A Rahn too!)...for these photos and the many wonderful memories!  We left a piece of our heart with you, that's for sure!


Tracy said…
I so want to stay in a train motel!
We love trains too:-)

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