The Problem (and a solution in the works) to Bible Poverty

Do you use the YouVersion Bible app on your smart phone?  Over 100 million people have downloaded it... and the real power behind this ability to provide access to hundreds of languages is something called the "Digital Bible Library".  It's wonderful when organizations come to work together!  Long story made short is that Wycliffe Bible Translators is part of this alliance with the American Bible Society, Biblica and donors... they formed Every Tribe Every Nation... and now Bibles in 376 languages are available on phones around the world (every language of the world in the next 20 years).  We think this is pretty awesome and wanted you to know!  Take a look at this short video to learn a bit more.  If you'd like to read an in-depth article Decision Magazine wrote about Wycliffe and another exciting partnership we're involved with... write and ask us for a digital copy we can send you by email.  


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