Inspiration from our local Virgin of Guadalupe celebrations

Last Wednesday a neighborhood just a few blocks from ours held their annual Virgin of Guadalupe Celebration.  John and I (along with our daughter Leanna) had stumbled onto this event several years ago when we were walking around looking at Christmas lights and since the weather was so lovely this year John and I decided to go again.

 A little background for those who have not heard of this before now: according to Catholic ," since 1531,Our Lady of Guadalupe has been the patron saint of the Mexican Republic. Historically and emotionally, the Virgin is deeply woven into the life of every Mexican.  The festival of Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe actually begins a week before December 12 with the climax of the festival falling on the eve of December 12"

John and I not only enjoy this experience because it is cross cultural, but we also come away inspired by what we encounter.  I find myself wishing our faith had something like this, the spiritual equivalent of a big block party where neighbors are out mingling for hours  watching the Conchero dancers,listening to the Mariachis, praying together and eating together.When a woman offered us plates with a tamale and pastry...even though we knew no one there...I was touched beyond words.  You see, "since this is such a happy day for all Mexicans, food and drink are enjoyed by rich and poor alike, and many people will save up their money throughout the year for this special occasion."   

 As we experience Christmas and head into the New Year, may we all find ways to celebrate the Lord Jesus in life giving community with others....and since you were not able to be's a clip of those awesome Conchero dancers!


Tracy said…
Hey, I think we have something like what you describe in our culture. It sounds very much like a state or county fair! :-)
yes, a bit of that... but on your front porch, in your yard and the street in front of your house!

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