Transitions in Discovery …..

   ’s all about adapting!  While John’s leading a Discovery team to Benin for the first time this year was noteworthy, we experienced other changes as well.  In 2013 we welcomed Elizabeth (who we introduced in our May/June prayer letter) as well as Christina as Discovery staff.  Christina will be coordinating Discovery Trips for parts of Asia...even though she told God six years ago that she wasn’t interested in working there!  God had a better plan for her however and now she lives in Thailand, in a region of the world with the greatest need for Bible translation by population and the smallest percentage of believers. Christina actually has two half-time jobs; one researching the sound systems of languages in the translation process, the other being a Discovery Coordinator.  She is excited at how her role in coordinating internship trips melds these two passions.  She also loves riding her motorbike, meeting new people, and finding joy in the constant adventure of life, which can include both fighting cockroaches and enjoying a mango smoothie in the same day.  

       It appeared that our Discovery staff was finally growing….until we learned that Ryan (who has been with us here in California for the past five years) and his wife had decided that it was time for him to leave Wycliffe.  We are thankful for the ways Ryan was able to help out with Discovery during his time with us and are praying for them as they seek God’s guidance as to what’s next.


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