Why aren't these girls in school?

I decided to do something rather extreme to help provide clean water for Africa.... so that girls like this can go to school rather than search for water for their family.
On my 57th birthday I started training for a 26.2 mile marathon.  This will be quite a journey for me because the last time I remember running a mile was in 7th grade, which caused an asthma attack! I quickly obtained a doctors excuse to avoid any further running!  But week by week, I'm meeting up with some other folks and we're following a training plan and making such progress that as of last week I ran 18 miles...
I still don't consider myself a runner (and don't really enjoy the pain involved with running such distances), but am committed to completing the Los Angeles marathon in order to raise $1310 to provide clean water for those without this basic necessity.  If any of you would be interested in making a donation of any size toward this cause through World Vision, you can use this link:

When a community gains access to clean water:
  • Child mortality rates drop by half
  • Children can attend school instead of looking for water
  • Women can care for their families instead of gathering water
  • The amount of disease decreases
  • Crops and livestock thrive


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