February progress and concerns

Although February is only 28 days long, a lot has been going on during this month in Discovery.  We have had 2 team leader training sessions and will have one more before the month is over, lost one of our leaders for the Papua New Guinea team…and just confirmed that we now have a suitable replacement as of yesterday!  We are also  in the midst of some large organizational shifts within our NextGen Department…which has meant lots of phone conferences/meetings in addition to our regular work.  In addition to all this, Shevawn has been planning a trip to visit some of our partners in April….so for us, the month has really flown by.
 Your prayers during this time have been so appreciated….and we ask that you to continue to pray for us especially in regards to: 
          The right people to apply for our teams; there are still many openings to fill before the application deadline of March 8th and our number of applicants is considerably less than we had hoped for at this point.
         Our remaining team leader training phone conferences on February 27th and March 24th.  (The first two we asked you to pray for our technology worked better than hoped for, so please keep it up!)
         John will be in Dallas this Wednesday-Friday for meetings about changes in our department and in Discovery.  Please pray for wisdom and good communication for all.
Thanks so much!    


   All our best photos this month capture us with gastronomic delights....wish we could share them with you!    


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