Water for Africa!

By popular demand (one person asked), I am reminding everyone that John is running his first (and last) marathon this Sunday, March 9th in Los Angeles.
  • Why? to raise funds to provide clean water in Africa.  

  • Who? World Vision does quality community development in developing nations, we've seen it with our eyes and vouch for the results.  
  • Who? Shevawn is so very supportive and this effort would not be possible without her help. 
  • Who? Friends and Family donate and share in the joy of helping those without this basic need.
  • What? $50 provides clean water for one person for an entire generation.
  • Where? Los Angeles Marathon
  • When? March 9th
  • How? Go to this link to read my marathon journal and while you're there, consider making a donation.  I am currently only $85 short of providing water for 26.2 people... (1 per mile)

Thanks so much!   


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