Discovery Alumna Update

We received this lovely message from Zuzana (one of our Discovery alumni from Slovakia); it continues to encourage us to this day!  We hope it will do the same for you as you read about some of the fruits of your partnership with us.

"I keep in touch with you through your newsletters; I enjoy reading all your news!  I´m sorry you haven´t got any feedback from my side… But now is the time to say THANK YOU!!! ... For your service in Wycliffe - God is using you amazingly!  Thank you for your obedience and patience and perseverance.  If your heart would not beat for Him and for mission, I would not be where I´m now... Thank God for Discovery trips and your involvement there.  For me Discovery 2009 was my first experience in Africa, my first experience with mission and missionaries... God opened my eyes and even though Africa was in my heart long time before, God showed me what does it REALLY mean to be a missionary and how can I fit into the cross-cultural mission.  I could say He called me during my time in Ghana... Thank you for your example and attitude!  You are very special and your work already brought a lot of fruit which will LAST! Praise Him for that!

After (Discovery) I spent a year in Germany at Bible College…and since October 2010 I’ve been involved in Zambia with Foundation for Cross-Cultural Education (FCE) in agriculture.  It is very challenging but excited!   You´ve asked about my project and my future husband.  Senti comes from Nagaland (north-eastern India) and he is already a staff of FCE, so I´ll just follow him.  We don´t know how long are we going to serve with FCE, how long are we going to stay in Zambia.  We trust God that He we will lead us and when He calls us out, we will go.  Both of us received calling for a long term, cross-cultural mission, so now we are here.  We plan our wedding for April 2013.  But we don´t have any other plans yet...  Thanks again for your interest and for keeping in touch!"

Since we first received this correspondence, Zuzana and Senti did indeed get married and are still in Zambia continuing to serve the Lord there with FCE.   We love that together we…meaning you as well….got to be a part of Zuzana’s  journey and many more like her as you pray and provide financial support  for the work we are doing via Discovery.  Thank you so much!


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