Ethno Arts?

Yes, Ethno Arts has helped me so much!

You see, rock-n-roll is my mother tongue language. I grew up speaking fluent Elvis Presley, The Doors, Rolling Stones, Frank Zappa, and more... but didn't understand the language of church music I was exposed to in the 70's.  Enter the early pioneers of "Christian Rock" like Larry Norman and his songs like "Why Should The Devil Have All The Good Music" and "Watch What You're Doing" and finally I had something that spoke my spiritual language... and was a real help as I learned that my culture and language or Rock-n-roll could praise God.

Gen 1:14-19. ‘And God created the sun and the moon and the stars…’
OK, now think about the languages and cultures around the world that have great traditional art forms which are their own but these arts aren't used in the church to help them experience spiritual truths without learning to speak or appreciate foreign arts.  Here's a great example of someone using their indigenous art form to bring God into focus for the local people.  This is a visual language in Papua New Guinea!  

You can read more about this exciting aspect of Bible translation here:

If you know anyone interested in Ethno Arts... there is training available!

What art forms help you connect with God?


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