What happens to your old phone when you upgrade?

Gifts in Kind; yet another way you can partner in our ministry!

The past couple of years we've experienced a gradual drop in our income, so it seems like a good time to let you know about some of the ways donations can be made to our Wycliffe ministry that don’t involve sending money.  Did you know that your “stuff “can truly make a difference?  By giving away some of the things you don’t need anymore, you can contribute to Bible translation efforts around the world, including the option of having funds credited to our account.  Wycliffe can sell those items or—in the case of some vehicles and electronics—they can be used directly in the work.  Both of our current cars were donated... 1987 Toyota Corolla and 1991 Honda Accord.  (The Corolla needs to be retired before it's next smog check).   

You can donate such things as vehicles, cell phones, jewelry, collectibles, stocks, real estate, excess inventory, equipment and other items valued over $75.  For more information go to www.wycliffe.org/donate/gifts-in-kind  or call 1-800-WYCLIFFE ext. 3894 or contact us directly and we can help get the process started.


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