It’s Thanksgiving week….and we have so much to be thankful for!  Like our dear friend and partner Jacque, who  offered her home and car to us while she was out of town recently so we could afford to spend a couple of weeks near Seattle.  What a blessing to have been able to live and continue our work close by family during that time…to make memories and strengthen our relationships that so much of the year is maintained via technology.  Thank you Lord!                                                                                             

We are also very thankful for the prayers you prayed during the first phase of The Great Document Cleanout last month.  During that week we were able to build a new structure to hold our documents and upload a huge number of them; the new site seems to be much easier to work on that the previous one.  It was a fantastic week; we made much more progress than anticipated, and I am looking forward to our second phase coming up in December, during which we hope to wrap things up as much as possible before Discovery applicants begin to increase in January.

 In addition to praising God for the many ways he has blessed us, here are a few new prayer requests we would appreciate your joining in with us on:

 •         December 8-12; the second phase of The Great Document Cleanout.  For good communication as our team works together and that we would be able to get the parts that most need to be done by the end of the year completed.

•         For the planning of our coming trip to Arizona to connect with as many of our partners as we possibly can.   It’s turning out to be pretty difficult to build our calendar with people so far in advance…and I anticipate it’s likely to get harder rather than easier as the holiday season begins.  Please pray for good and timely communication flow….for wisdom, patience and joy in the journey as details get worked out.

Thanks so much….and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


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