It's Free

As promised a couple weeks ago, We are highlighting another freebie.  All of our friends and ministry partners who have plans to be in Orlando Florida can now make plans to visit the Wycliffe Discover center for free!  Simply let us know your plans and we can arrange a free visit for you!   

 What is the Wycliffe Discovery Center you ask?  It is an interactive visitors center for kids (and adults) of all ages.  You'll learn a lot about the Bible and be inspired at the same time that you are encouraged by the work that we are partners in.  Click here to visit the Discovery Center website.

These admission prices are for the general public...  that's why we are making this free offer to our friends.  

Trip Advisor rates this quite high of all the attractions in Orlando!  

Now, some of you who have followed the Discovery ministry that Shevawn & I have been involved with for the past 15 years might notice a similarity with the name of the Wycliffe Discovery cross-cultural internships and the Orlando based Discovery Center... allow me to explain briefly.  The Wycliffe Discovery internships have been around by that name since 1990. The Orlando Discovery Center came on the scene sometime in 2002 as the WordSpring Discovery Center.  In 2008 we started noticing that there was a bit of internal and external confusion with two very different Discovery's in the same organization... well at last the Discovery internships lost the name and now our internships are known as Discover and the visitors center maintains the Discovery name.


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