Sooo….how has 2015 gone for you so far?  Ours has been quite a ride; plumbing repairs, a 2 ½ week Partnership Development trip to Arizona and the beginning of Discover Team Leader Training.  All this followed closely on the heels of the Holidays…. a couple of other trips…. and Shevawn getting two different viruses in one month.  As you can imagine, some balls have been dropped ( the prayer letter we typically send out the end of January has yet to even be written!) but thanks to God’s grace as each and every one of you who have been praying for us, we are doing what we can and aiming towards choosing joy (although every now and then we do miss the mark a bit!)

First, some PRAISES:
·         Our trip to Arizona enabled us to visit with many of our individual supporters as well as spend time with a major church that partners with us, Northminster Presbyterian Church (NPC).  It was great to be able to spend time with these faithful friends/partners whom we have not seen in several years; trips like this allow us to reconnect to hear each other’s stories….to be able to express face to face our thankfulness for their commitment to helping us mobilize for missions.  Thanks so much for praying about our preparations for as well as our time spent on this trip... and for those of you we visited; thank you for hanging out with us!

·         While in Tucson we were given an opportunity to speak at the Presbyterian Campus fellowship at the University of Arizona and tell them about Discover trips, USA Internships, Race to 2025, and Total It Up.  We so appreciated  Pastor Ken Skodiak at NPC making this possible for us.

·        And yes, while we were gone, our bathroom plumbing repairs were completed (Yay!)

 Now some PRAYER REQUESTS:                 

·         Team Leader training- our first session went really well! 
The remaining ones are scheduled for Feb 23, Mar 3 and Mar 17, from 11:30 am - 1 pm PST.  Participants in Benin, USA and Papua New Guinea are taking part in these phone conferences via google hangouts; your prayers for adequate internet and working technology are very much appreciated. 

·         Trip applicants:  March 8th is the deadline and all our trips still have plenty of room in them.  Please pray!       

·         For wisdom amidst all the juggling…. that we will be centered spiritually and at peace as we continue to live our lives day by day. Pray for good restorative self-care in the coming month while trying to keep up with team leader training and other responsibilities.

Thanks so much for your friendship and your prayers; they are such a blessing to us!

If you might be interested in partnering with us financially, contributions can be sent to WBT, PO Box 628200, Orlando, FL 32862, with a note attached saying “Preference for the Wycliffe ministry of John and Shevawn Ramsey
-For online giving: click here 

Next week, I promise to get back to the freebie I promised to let you all know about.  


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