Dream Jobs

What's your Dream job? 

What is the intersection of your skills, your passion and the needs of the world?

Sometime in the 80's I saw this job description on an info table at church... and I knew that if Shevawn & I combined our skills... this job had our names all over it!  
This was my dream job!

I will make this long story short (for now) and just say that this became a reality in 1986 when we moved to Ghana with 2 pre-school children to begin serving as Group House Managers for the Ghana Institute of Linguistics Literacy and Bible Translation.  Yes, my dream job became a reality and upon arrival we relieved the actual Bible translators from this mundane task of managing housing and hospitality to do what their dream job was... translating the Bible for those still waiting.  

Thanks to all of you who are partners with us in this dream job. True, we are no longer Group House Managers... but we are still on the Bible translation team.

You are making a difference in the lives of the bibleless peoples of the world as we partner together!  
"where your talents and the needs of the world cross; there lies your vocation." -Aristotle


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