Benin Discover Update

Traveling to Benin

My (John’s) African road trip turned out very nice; from door to door the journey was twelve hours
(nine of them on the bus).  The distance is only about 225 miles, but when you consider we had to cross two international borders with all the logistics involved in officially exiting Ghana, obtaining a transit visa for Togo, then exiting Togo and finally entering Benin, you can see why it takes a while. There were no problems, but since I was the only non-ECOWAS passenger my document processing took longer than the other passengers.  This resulted in my most exciting moments when,at the first border I had to fill forms to exit Ghana and then apply for a Togo transit visa as well as exchange currency from an Alhaj.  The bus proceeded ahead to the terminal in the next town… leaving myself and the bus protocol officer to catch up via motorcycle taxis along the beautiful tropical Atlantic coastline!

I am now staying in Cotonou with the same host family I lived with during the 2013 Benin Discovery trip.  The host mother is a very good cook of both African and European dishes, so no one should feel sorry for me being a bachelor on this trip!  

Team Leader update: 

Kate arrived in Benin later the same day as I did (she had been back in the states attending her brother’s wedding in MN).  

Jacques is at a training workshop elsewhere in Benin this week, so our planned leaders meeting for the 24th has been postponed till next week.

Intern Update:

Matt & Christoph are living with separate host families in Dassa Zome while they observe and serve in the Idaasha language project.   From 29 June – 3 July they will be assisting at a week-long computer training session in Dassa with Paulin, another Wycliffe Benin staff person.  Kate and John talked with Matt & Christoph on the phone yesterday and they are both doing quite well with their Discovering…

We are also expecting two Beninous interns!  They will both start around 3rd July since one of them is currently finishing his University exams.

Invitation to prayer and fasting:

Monday 29 June is scheduled as a morning of prayer and fasting in the Wycliffe Benin headquarters. The Discover leaders will join in with the local staff as well as many local pastors and supporters of this ministry.  We invite you to join us as the Lord might lead you to.


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