Ramsey prayer update; changes in our ministry

This update contains more than the usual detailed info, so I’ve underlined the key points and bolded the prayer requests if you want to get to the bottom line quickly. J
For several months now John has been interested in a new position within Wycliffe, that of the Field Coordinator.  Here’s the backstory: recently one of our partner organizations (The Seed Company) decided that in order to get more translations completed more quickly, they would make their highly effective model of doing Bible translation transferable to other members of our related organizations.  This model uses individual Field Coordinators to research, facilitate and monitor language projects around the world.  The projects they work with are owned by the local church; the Field Coordinator becomes both the advocate for the project to the financial and other resource partners, as well as the representative of those partners when meeting with the project owners.

This positon involves increased opportunities to relate cross culturally as well as more travel (25% of a Field Coordinators work hours) but in shorter, more frequent trips than the eight week long Discovery travel schedule that has been part of his current work.  This sounded good to us, so after much prayer and counsel we decided that while this job would hold some challenges for John, it was something he should pursue.  John then began a lengthy vetting process, culminating in his being offered this new position while he was in Benin this summer.  He was told he will be working with language projects in Nigeria, West Africa where there are 200 + language projects that could be started in the coming years. 
Because this assignment change will involve different departments, we are required to have reached our full financial support level before he begins, which we have at this time!!!!  That means John will officially transition from Discovery Coordinator to Field Coordinator later this month, when he will begin training and meeting with other Field Coordinators who are working with projects in Nigeria.  We are so thankful for each of our faithful financial and prayer supporters; because of you John is able to move into this new ministry without delay!
Wondering what will not change?  Well, the two of us will still be living in California, and Shevawn will continue to work part time with Discover.  This feels like such a win/win; we are very excited about this opportunity to be more directly involved in Bible Translation than we have ever been before, while also still being involved mobilizing young people for Bible Translation through cross-cultural internships.  Of course, we will be sharing more information with you about these changes as they unfold, but if you have any questions you would like answered sooner rather than later, please let us know.
 In closing, we would greatly appreciate your prayers as:
  • John transitions to his new position within Wycliffe Bible Translators
  • We move our office into our home by mid-September
 Thanks so much;

Shevawn and John 


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