An Amazing Discovery Alumni

Cate was one of our Ghana Discovery interns in 2004.  At the time she was a seminary student exploring Bible translation... fast forward a few years... Cate joined Wycliffe, served 4 years as a Bible translator in Chad.  Now she is married with a 2 year old son.  She has a dual role as a Field Coordinator in francophone Africa and as a trainer.  

The exciting outcome is that our former intern was involved in John's Field Coordinator training in Texas last week.  It was so awesome to to experience first hand some of the experience, wisdom and gifts Cate has to offer.  We know the impressive caliber of the Discovery interns... and we try to communicate this to you... 

Cate is fruit from your prayers and partnership in this ministry over the years... I hope this encourages you as it does us!   

Cate... if you are reading this... we just want to say that we think you are an amazing woman and we count it a privilege to serve alongside you as we work toward putting an end to Bible Poverty!


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