Results of Discovery 2013

Here's a short summary of what a few of our Alumni are up to now that their internships are complete:

The 2013 Benin team:
1 intern has joined Pioneer Bible Translators and is completing her linguistics training.
1 intern joined Wycliffe Bible Translators and will likely serve in Papua New Guinea
1 intern is in the midst of a seminary study program.
1 intern got married and is considering a combined seminary/Bible translation studies.

The Beninious interns:
1 is volunteering with Campus Crusade in Benin.
1 is working with another non-governmental organization in Benin
1 is doing further studies in environmental science… currently in Ghana.
1 is a strategic leader in the francophone Intervarsity branch called IFES, he recruited the 2015 Benin interns. 


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