Results of Discover 2015

What were some other results of the Benin 2015 Discovery trip?

Matt decided to become a pastor and use his missions internship experience to help him lead an American church to healthy missions partnership around the world including in Benin.

Hypocrate decided during the trip to offer himself to serve God in ministry in ANY region of Benin rather than limit himself to the economic capital as he was previously planning.

Christoph is continuing his determined path toward becoming a Bible translator.  He is very talented with both languages and relationships. He will graduate from Moody Bible Institute this June.

Gedeon is planning on a career in the Benin judicial system however he is now willing to volunteer with Wycliffe Benin as they have need of his computer skills.

Kate served in Benin for 10 months and is now ready to live in the USA for awhile.  She is looking into ministry openings to serve and grow her skills in using multi-media. 

The director of Wycliffe Benin has invited John to help adapt the Wycliffe USA Discovery program into a focused francophone African missions program which would be able to expose more African young people to the needs of mother tongue scriptures in their own countries.  


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