Ramsey News Update

 It’s not just the weather that has changed around here so quickly: since we wrote our last update, John has traveled to Texas twice and  Nigeria once as he’s plunged into his new work as Field Coordinator.  Interestingly, he’s already set two personal Ramsey travel records in one day; the first on a flight out of TX when his flight was delayed over 6 hours and the second when he had to take a taxi home from LAX because the shuttles were no longer operating when he finally arrived at 1:30 am.  (Anyone care to guess how much that cost?  It’s the most expensive taxi ride either of us have ever taken!)

We appreciate your prayers so much as we learn the new terrain of both of our jobs; Johns first trip to Nigeria was as much about learning how to navigate safely around Nigeria as it was about relationship building with the new language partner he is working with.   The Security procedures are very different than anything he has ever experienced before…and we are appreciative of that given the presence of Boko Haram in areas of Nigeria.

Here are our current prayer requests:

  •  John: Wisdom and quick on-the-job learning as he prepares  proposal documents to start a 3 year Bible translation project among the Cicipu people in Nigeria.   
  •  Urbana:  Please pray for us as we continue to prepare along with the rest of the Wycliffe team for Urbana the end of December.  Both John and I have had our first conversations with the students we are mentoring; would you please join us in praying for Grace, Hannah, Adam and Andrew?  For God to prepare each of us physically, emotionally and spiritually for what He has in store for us there.
  •  Shevawn: At times the scope of the changes that are happening in the Volunteer-Internship Placement program feel overwhelming to me; please pray that I will not take on more emotionally/mentally than is appropriate and necessary…that I will practice breathing and trusting God during this time of intense departmental transition.
  •  John and Shevawn:  85% of our office is still boxed in our garage waiting to be unpacked and organized; we would appreciate prayers for wisdom as to how we can do this while keeping up on other ministry tasks.

Thanks so much for your prayers….may God bless each of you with a deep sense of peace, no matter how difficult or painful your current situation in life may be.

Grace and peace;                               Shevawn and  John 


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