Today is

Yes, it's true, Urbana15 ends tonight around 12 midnight!

Thanks for your prayers, such wonderful things are happening here in the diverse Urbana15 community (as you can see in these few photos).  

I wish I had more photos for this...but they couldn't begin to capture the love and unity that's been experienced at the BCM (Black Campus Ministry) led manuscript studies at Urbana15‬. I personally cannot thank enough our many brothers and sisters who have been a part of this...a special shout out to Tony Gatewood and his team for their how well they lead us through our scripture times together. I pray that each one of us will continue to move forward in, as Dr. Brenda Salter McNeil states it, Moving (our) communities into Unity, Wholeness and Justice.‪#‎Wycliffe‬

John's mentored student gets an initial interview for a Wycliffe summer internship!
One of MANY intense conversations with prayer about getting involved with BiblePoverty
Please pray for

  • students and our energy levels... the conference is in it's 5th day and ends at 12 midnight
  • attendees to make the commitments that God is leading them to and to have courage to take a step despite fear
  • for us and other missions exhibitors as we dismantle and pack up our exhibits from 7-11PM


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