Bible translation in Nigeria

John is currently working with one translation project in the development stage.  Translation has begun in the Cicipu language but the translators and other project staff could use more training and support.  John and his Nigerian partners are currently laying the foundation of organizational agreements so that the Cicipu and many other Nigerian bibleless peoples will soon have access to some scriptures in their heart languages.  

Calvary Ministries (CAPRO) is an indigenous Nigerian Mission organization who have been doing evangelism and church planting for about 40 years. The churches they plant are currently at significant disadvantage when they are in bibleless people groups.  CAPRO is now starting their own Bible translation department…. John is the bridge person between Wycliffe and CAPRO (yes… that's what Field Coordinators do).  We will be updating you about this exciting partnership as things progress…

Cicipu chiefs at an alphabet development workshop
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