John is on the road in Nigeria

Some of you who are reading this post knew that John was traveling to Nigeria this week; many of you were praying for his arrival.  (If you don't receive our email updates and want to know more about this trip and why people were praying, I've included that info below he picture on this post.)

Yesterday (4:19 pm PST/1:19 am in Abuja) John called and told me he had arrived safely at the guest house; thanks so much for your prayers! This morning he texted me and said that he was on his way to a village in Cicipu for a week; they were resting at another guest house tonight and planned to complete the journey tomorrow.

En-route to Nigeria, John had a layover of almost 24 hours in Turkey where he got to see some friends of ours as well as get a nights sleep.  He flew in and out of he was unaffected by the terror attack in Ankara yesterday that killed 18 people and wounded 45.  Our hearts and prayers are with the people of Turkey as they struggle through this tragedy.

John’s trip to Nigeria Feb 14th-Mar 3rd. It will be his first time traveling there alone and handling the various security issues.  Nigeria is currently dealing with an outbreak of Lassa fever.  We hope that you will not only pray about these issues for him but also for the people of Nigeria who are living with them on a daily basis.

John is making substantial progress in learning how to be a Field Coordinator; he has benefited by having both a mentor and a learning cohort which meet weekly to discuss theory and practice.  His current focus has been on developing relationships in Nigeria which will subsequently lead to starting and then monitoring Bible translation projects.

John is currently in the monitoring phase with the Ika Old Testament project.  A very capable team of Nigerian translators is currently approaching 80% completion of this project.  When it is completed  (along with a revised New Testament) it will provide the full Bible for 345,000 people in both print and audio format.  This translation team is currently struggling with computer problems, but they are working diligently to complete their project goals by September 2017.  John is also in the early development stages of a project that he is going to visit in February


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