10 Year Journey

Claudia López wrote to us in 2006 about applying for a Discovery trip... in part, she asked: 

"I look into your web page for any chance in short term missions in my own country, but I was strong attracted by the Discovery program to be held in Ghana. I wonder if you consider applications only for US nationality, I’m NOT US resident. I live in Mexico (near Mexico City).  
Please let me know if I can apply to join the group. I’m interested on help doing a population study or assist on the women’s development project."

Claudia (front right) applied and was accepted on the 2006 Ghana Discovery team.

The 2008 Ghana Discovery team (2 years after Claudia did her first Discovery trip) She is again in the front right.

In 2008, Shevawn couldn't help lead Discovery due to being involved in planning our daughter Leanna's wedding.  John's 2 co leaders were Patricia (left) and Claudia (right)... both Discovery alumni.

Now I am going to summarize, paraphrase and generally leave a lot out for the following 8 years... Claudia quit her job of 14 years knowing that she was being called to an involvement in missions... but it seemed at that time there was no clear path for Claudia to join Wycliffe.  She spoke to churches with a message of “The Mexican church has good possibilities to send missionaries and we Mexicans have the nature to become missionaries”.  
Claudia had studied anthropology and missions and then found herself orienting and training some missionary students in Mexico.  And... as life goes, there was family:  Claudia is the youngest of many children and found herself caretaker for her aging mother.    

It was the first or possibly second day that John was in Texas for training as a Field Coordinator in 2015 that he met Leticia; a colleague who is directing work in Latin America, AND she had a great need for help... AND she was traveling to Mexico City the following week and could meet with Claudia in person... John made introductions by email.  
Claudia and Leticia did meet and discuss ministry opportunities, but the timing was not the best for Claudia as her mother was not doing well.  Her mother passed away just a couple months later.     

Fast forward to March 23 2016, Claudia wanted to talk to Shevawn and I because she had just spent a day in Texas with The Seed Company exploring becoming a field coordinator in Mexico... John connected with her on Skype and they discussed the joys, fulfillment and challenges of the position and Claudia said she needed to pray over the weekend before giving her decision....

Many of you who read this blog pray for our Alumni and have been partnering with us for these TEN YEARS (some for even longer)... so this is your fruit!  Without your partnership this would not be possible.    

On Monday the 28th, Claudia told us that her answer was Yes, she will accept the challenge!  

Claudia will need to raise her own support and will be training to serve as a field coordinator for The Seed Company in Mexico.  As you pray for her, know that God has prepared her for this role and we expect her to be a blessing to many as she partners with people in her own country to reach the bibleless.  There are still many needs for Bible translation in Mexico, here's an example...  


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