Some additional thoughts on Urbana Part 2

One of the new things at Urbana this year was something called " Hack4Missions".  This was an event where a diverse team of 200+ participants and staff worked on new ideas to create solutions
on projects 11 different missions organizations were currently working on.  Here's another way to explain it:

Bren Briggs from Wycliffe USA was there to present our project and collaborate with attendees.  He had so many stories about how exciting it was to problem solve with this group of young people and how incredibly helpful their work was in solving technological problems.   Bren blogs (yay!) so you can read more about what happened here and here.  And we've got some pictures for you of our hackers as they worked together and later when some of them came by our exhibit so we could meet them and thank them for what they had accomplished:

One of the things that I learned while at Urbana is that Wycliffe USA has a big need for IT people who live anywhere and have other jobs who are willing to volunteer for a few hours each month to work on various projects.  If you would be interested in doing that, you can start the process by  visiting the Wycliffe website,


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