We enjoyed a couple days in Arizona on a quick trip to see a few friends, relatives and ministry partners. (We wish we could have seen all of you, but this trip was very short!) 

In Phoenix there is a nice hole-in-the-wall restaurant with a fusion menu of Mexican, Chinese and Jamaican..., Chino Bandido... Don't miss it if you are ever in the area (really)!

1st April would have been Shevawn's mom's 83rd birthday, we visited Wayne in Tucson that day.
We enjoyed being interviewed for a recorded radio broadcast and we had the privilege to spend time with the high schoolers and mission team at Northminster Presbyterian Church It sounds like a mismatched meeting, but alas, it turned out great!  The HS students were very engaged, we shared a few laughs, ate some great breakfast burritos, all while talking about Bible translation in Nigeria and filling Bible translation jobs with interns and volunteers.  

Spending time with people was the highlight of the few days... but since we have no more photographic evidence... let me share the few pictures we did take.  

Cactus and freeway view
yes, there was more Mexican food involved

The desert is certainly beautiful in the spring! 


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