Everyone has stuff

Having stuff seems to be part of being human. But for those living in certain societies, collecting stuff has become an art, an obsession, a way of life.  There is so much that has been written about stuff... both good stuff and bad stuff, that I will not dive deep into the various side effects of stuff in this blog post.  What I want to offer is a way for some of our extra stuff to be used for good, to help in the task that we are most passionate about:  #EndBiblePoverty

We believe that all of us have a part to plan in helping to end Bible poverty.  Here's one way to do it.

Wycliffe has a webpage where you can donate your stuff... it's pretty easy too.
Once on the site, you can click a few buttons to indicate what kind of stuff you have, whether it's a gift card, car, cell phone, jewelry, or lots of other stuff... Then you designate where you want your stuff to go... For this example, and since you're reading our blog, you would likely change the default "projects in need" and choose "Specific Wycliffe project or Missionary Ministry"... then in the final box just write our names.

This is really a significant way to help EndBiblePoverty.

If you have questions or need help with stuff... please feel free to contact us!



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