How a Field Coordinator Harvests Discovery Fruit

Over decades, many of you have partnered with us in our various ministry roles aimed at furthering Bible translation.  You have prayed with us about many things, including for     participants of the Discovery teams we have led.  Without your partnership, the stories we get to share with you would not have been written.   That is why this month we can all celebrate that two of our Discovery alumni are newly entering into full time ministry. 
   Claudia (whom we posted in some detail about here on April 25, 2016) went to Ghana on a Discovery team with us in 2006; in 2008 she went back as a team leader.  Although she had a great desire to become more involved with Wycliffe Bible Translators, many things prevented that from happening…until John told a Seed Company leader he had just met about Claudia.  Long story short: Claudia is in the final stages of becoming an Associate Field Coordinator for Mexico!!!!   Please pray for her as she begins to raise financial support. 

Another story of how John combines his relationships with Discovery alumni and his job as a Field Coordinator features Naaza.  Naaza was a part of our 2011 Discovery team and we wrote about his journey in our Jan/Feb 2012 prayer letter.   He summarized his Discovery experience by saying, “These two months were a remarkable moment for my life.  I knew that I would serve God and men someday in my life, but when, where, what, and how I did not know.”

   In 2012 Naaza was one of our Discovery co-leaders while also serving in a language project with a partner Bible translation organization in Ghana.  He then went on to a sales position with a well-known company in Ghana for several years while continuing to volunteer with translation work, still hoping to go into full time ministry at some point.  We continued to keep in touch.

   Fast forward to 2015: John travels to Nigeria for the first time and begins working with CAPRO, a Nigerian national missions organization.  On his second trip, It occurred to him that CAPRO might be a good fit for Naaza and his wife Hannah, so John  connected them with each other.  The result: Naaza recently wrote to tell us that they are preparing to quit their jobs and proceed to the two-year training program in Nigeria that CAPRO requires of their new missionaries.  Rejoice with us… and please join in prayer as they seek to raise their needed support so they can go to Nigeria in July.

If you would like to become a part of supporting either Claudia or Naaza financially, the info you need is below:

For Claudia: Donations can be sent via   Steps to follow: register then proceed to sign in. Send the amount to: Claudia Araceli Lopez Haro and choose the option "Cash pick up". NEVER do a transaction with your Credit Cards, as it will be very expensive; it is better to done with a debit card or bank account. Once you have completed the transaction, you will get a MTN number that you will need to provide Claudia via her E-mail, so she can collect the money:

For Naaza and Hannah: Donations can be sent via CAPROUSA Open the "donate to missions" page where you can put in a comment that your would like to designate the funds to go to Naaza-school of missions.


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