Nigeria Prayer Update

A recent prayer update shared within our work-group specifically for John and his colleagues who are involved in Bible translation project design and project management with Nigerian partners:  

Lee, Amy, Lisa & John R. are the Field Coordinators (F/Cs) in NIGERIA:

 – Nigeria population is over 170 million—the most populous country in Africa and 10th world-wide. There are over 500 languages in Nigeria – with active Bible translation programs in about 100 – including “initial goals”, full New Testament and full Bible projects. It is estimated that at least 200 languages still need translation where none has been started yet. Another new project is in the pipeline, PTL! Nigeria is a country with tremendous potential in personnel, resources and development, and it also faces some huge challenges – religious conflicts, ethnic, political and economic issues. Please continue to pray for the government as they seek to address security threats. Pray the problems will not escalate further. Continue to pray for the protection of those in vulnerable areas and for those who have suffered as a result of recent events.


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