Phone service Review -Ting

We recently had to choose a new cell service plan when Platinumtel abruptly went out of business.
Ting to the rescue!  We like Ting for quite a few reasons.
1. There's no need to guess on which plan is best for us... the price we pay changes depending on how much we use our phones.
2. They have great customer service, and are rated highly by consumer reports.
3. You can bring your own device and use almost any unlocked phone (CDMA or GSM)
4. There is no contract!
5. They have great international rates too.  (calling Nigeria is only 7 cents a minute extra)
6. We are paying about $30 a month for our 2 cell phones! (you can see what you'd pay here)
7. We can manage our service online, including setting customized usage alerts so we never go above certain levels of minutes, texts or data. This can be done with each phone or for the entire account)

I thought I'd let you know what we found (and like), as well as provide a link for you to try their service if you are looking for a new plan. And you will save $25 off your bill the first month (we also get a credit for you using our link to sign up).


Anonymous said…
Thanks! Lydia's iPhone just died and we're setting her up with Kelly's mom's old Samsung Galaxy. We appreciate the tip!

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