Yes, meetings are a necessary part of our work furthering Bible Translation!

These are the people I (Shevawn) work with...the ones I rub shoulders with in cyberspace throughout the year. The people on my team who are committed to seeing God's Word proclaimed to all nations and are working full time to that end. Our specific role is to equip volunteers and interns to join Bible Translators in the work they are already doing, getting God's Word to those who have never had it before in their own language.

From September 12-16, the Volunteer Internship Placement team (that’s us!) met in Orlando, FL for a week of face-to-face team meetings. We worked hard and we laughed a lot and it felt soooo good! It has been one year since several departments were combined into the VIP team; during that year we've faced a lot of difficult challenges. A year later it was encouraging to see how far we have come, both in our work and in becoming a close knit team.

Here's a few photos of what I experienced:

Daniel Dedji, the director of Wycliffe Benin, came and spoke to our team about needs and opportunities they have there that Volunteers and Interns could fill. When John realized that Daniel would be in Orlando while our team met, he suggested that we include him in our meetings.  (Yes, John continues to contribute ideas to our team even though he is now in another dept doing Field Coordinating.)

One evening after meetings our team went to Disney springs for dinner and to walk around and hang out together.   It was great to be able to talk informally while moving around instead of sitting at tables with laptops!  Everyone in our team was interested in the Coca Cola store....which to my surprise  featured a selection of items made by women in many different countries of recycled coca-cola materials.

And then there was the leg-go dragon citing that I had to send my grandson George....
After the meetings were done, I stayed the weekend with my dear friend Maresea; we  enjoyed Cuban Food, a Bollywood Movie and lots of conversation together

We went to Lake Eola park one evening around sunset; one of the sights we enjoyed was this moving sculpture.  (The green photo was the view we had when we laid down in the center of it; so awesome!)

And that was my week in Orlando!  Thanks so much for your prayers as I traveled and worked with my team!


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