John's journal _part 2

Nigerian Sign Language

It was during one of the scripture checking sessions when I became aware of lots of distractions… but only I seemed to be distracted… someones phone rang and they began a conversation, another phone alarm was ringing, a baby was fussing… and all while this was happening, the deaf community group continued their quiet discussions without seemingly even noticing it. At one point, I thought of getting up to turn off the alarm… BUT then realized that if I got up and walked over to the phone, then I would become the distraction! Visual distractions are for the deaf, what auditory distractions are for the hearing:-) 

I tried taking photos to capture this… but this one doesn't do it justice… There are 5 people in my testing group at the moment, but right behind them are 6 more people who are very actively engaged observing and joining into the Bible discussion with great interest.

this video shows some sign language translation from KSL (Kenyan Sign Language) to NSL (Nigerian Sign Language) as well as other snippets of the week during community testing of the Bible stories.   


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