Nigeria is...

This supposed 3 hour journey, turned into a 12 hour drive on the Lagos Ibadan expressway due to a tanker crash and explosion.

Here's a view of the traffic jam from a petrol station where we managed to have a sit down lunch, when the traffic started moving again, we made a mad dash for our car while carefully avoiding being run over!

OK, I was bored in 12 hours of traffic and these photos are the result

Now for one of my favorite subjects... Food!  

Tiger Nuts... yummy, tastes kinda like coconut

What a joy to reconnect with new friends in Lagos! We first met in St Louis at Urbana15! 

Globalization is real... Uber is in Nigeria!  This was my ride to church in Lagos.  

I can't even come close to representing Nigeria in one blog post... or even 100 blog posts... but hopefully this conveys a taste of my recent stay there... and I will post more Nigeria tidbits in the future.  



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