Black History Month

As we end African American History Month... 
let's look back to 2008 when the first new testament translation was completed with the help of an African American woman.  

Let me borrow from Jacqueline Huggins bio on

"Since 1986 Jacqueline has served in the Philippines as linguist and Bible translator. She has also served as head of the Anthropology Department and department head and instructor of Semantics and Bible Translation in the Applied Linguistics Program. She is currently a third year student at the University of the Philippines in the PhD Anthropology Program with concentration in Anthropological Linguistics. Jacqueline's two passions are to equip Asians to serve in the task of Bible Translation and Multilingual education through Language Development."

Jacqueline spoke at Urbana student conference 20 years ago! 

Needless to say, we are very proud to be in the same organization with Jacqueline! 

If you'd like to read a bit more about her story, this is a recent entry on the Wycliffe blog about her amazing story. 


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