Shevawn and I recently returned from visiting Tucson.   
Enjoying the TohonoO'odham swap meet
Tucson is my hometown, so I could be a bit biased (but I don't think so).  The main reason for this trip was to visit with lots of our friends who we are partnering together with to end Bible poverty.  But anyway, let me share a few highlights from our trip.

We have so many inspiring older friends that we look up to as mentors and sages who are showing the way to grow old with a continued vigor and zest for life.  Allow me to mention just a few. There is the 83 year old who continues to do, learn and try new things like mastering a smartphone with apps that help to keep in touch with kids and grand-kids!  There is a 70 something couple with so much energy who continue to work and volunteer along with friends in their 80's who are involved with Awana kids on a weekly basis!  We are inspired by our many friends who are a few years ahead of us in life's journey!

We enjoyed some days with our good friends at Northminster Presbyterian Church which encouraged us and we hope we were able to pass some encouragement on to them as well.  There is so much to appreciate at this church, like how they are involved in their own neighborhood  public elementary school (among many other local initiatives), how they are seeking to bring the very diverse people who worship there together in relationships, we love the variety of different worship services offered, and we really appreciate their very warm and genuine love shown to us.

I will just post 2 more photo highlights...
 The Mexican food in Tucson is so great, even on the street!

What can compare to the beauty of the Sonoran desert in spring-time?
  I know we didn't get to see everyone we wanted to on this visit.  If we missed you, we hope to see you on our next visit!  


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