More about those New Countries

Last week's blog post about these countries focused on meetings to engage 3 communities per country for new Bible translation projects (the reason for the journey).
However, as one of my previous bosses once said:  "All jobs have their benefits" in light of this, allow me to share some fun and scenic moments of the trip... 
this week's focus is The Gambia

I kind of have a thing for West African barber shops.  I love the art in the signs and the unexpected experiences.  

This one is in Banjul, The Gambia

wishful thinking

JB's grand entrance

in the chair with JB

this is millet with an oil-onion sauce: the unexpected 2nd of a full 3 course village breakfast!

a truck from Senegal waits behind us for the ferry to Banjul 

on the streets of Banjul 

my morning view in the village

my morning view at the Sunset Beach Hotel in the capital city Banjul 


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