What is Laundry Love?

Many of you have seen various random social media posts from us about Laundry Love... but what is Laundry Love?
The concept is simple and the story is compelling.  The story goes like this:  A homeless guy named T-Bone in Ventura California met some other guys who befriended him... and one of the needs that T-Bone expressed was "if I had clean clothes, I think people would treat me like a human being."
Thus, Laundry Love was born as a transferable concept. That means anyone can start one.  "All you have to do" is gather some friends, find a willing laundromat owner and show up with lots of quarters and detergent.  Then you have to register your location here.   

I was hooked the first time I went!  I saw a blue dog for the first time in my life so I asked the lady folding laundry next to the dog if I could take a photo (which I can't find now) and she proceeded to tell me the dog was named after Michael Jackson, etc... I was totally hooked.   

We just attended our 2nd Laundry Love conference in which people from around the country gathered in Los Angles to get to know each other and to share best practices and what we're learning by being involved in Laundry Love.  Let me tell more of the story in photos:

Some of our Laundry love friends at the conference

While at the conference, Echo Park Lake had historic Lotus Blossoms 


That's right... since it's founding around 2005, one million loads of laundry have been done.

One of our Laundry Love guests van!

A former Laundry Love Guest

We met this Egyptian family at Laundry Love, they are now dear friends just starting over in USA as asylum seekers.  Please pray for them and others who come to Laundry love!  


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