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5 Complete Bibles Dedicated in 5 Months!

What impact might Discovery have had on these 5 Bibles?  Could short term interns possibly impact a Bible translation?  Let me be very frank and admit that these Bible translation projects had a bigger impact on Discovery interns than our interns had the other way... and as a result, there are many long term missionaries, pastors and Bible translators out there who are Discovery alumni.  I say thanks again to the translators who took the time to mentor Discoverers over the years, may your efforts continue to impact God's kingdom for decades!  

But just for this moment, let's explore a few connections where Discoverers brushed up against these 5 projects and made small contributions.     

Our 2nd Discovery trip in 2000

In 1981 the Dega translation project began... and in 2000 we sent our first Discovery interns there. We sent subsequent interns in 2007 and 2010 to do keyboarding scripture, administration as well as doing an impact survey.   

Samuel was a Discovery intern in 2003

After Samuel completed his undergrad degree in linguistics, he did his national service year with The Ghana Institute of Linguistics Literacy and Bible Translation (GILLBT) in the Kusaal project which started in 1962 and was the first New Testament completed by SIL in Ghana.  Samuel's assignment was to explore why the Kusaal people had such a difficult time reading their language.  He was instrumental in improving the orthography of the language which made reading much easier.   

Gonja Discovery Interns learning cultural dance

The Gonja Bible translation was started in 1969, and we sent Discovery interns there in 2005 and 2007. Our interns helped with a Gonja dictionary database as well as typing a literacy primer.  

Do you remember other ways a Discovery intern helped in a project and could remind us about it?  


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