Imagine Zero

We live in a world where over 160 million people do not have even one verse of Scripture in their language. Why does that matter?  We know God as Heavenly Father because the message has been translated, but to many He is still a foreign God because He does not speak their language.

The 160 million people live in these remaining bibleless communities.  I appreciate your prayers and support as I travel in Nigeria this week working with 5 language communities.  

In Nigeria alone there are an estimated 300-350 remaining languages to start Bible translation in.  The only countries in the world with more remaining bibleless languages than Nigeria are Papua New Guinea and Indonesia 

Yes, if you are reading this... you are part of a global movement... together we are working toward everyone having access to God's word in their heart language! 

As we pray and are involved in Bible translation together, remember that zero bibleless people groups is an achievable goal!

*I want to acknowledge my creative Seed Company colleagues for producing the graphics above and for inspiring this blog post!  


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