A new experience

This week John and I went to a Huntington Beach City Council meeting.  It was a new experience for me, something (I’m a bit embarrassed to say) I had thought about doing many times but had never done.  When John learned that our city council was going to vote on a motion to evict the largest source of help for the homeless and under resourced in our city, and that that group: the Beach Cities Interfaith Services (BCIS) was asking people to come and show their support, off we went. 
The 3 ½ hour event was far more interesting than I had imagined and I was surprised by the similarities to attending a sports events:
· We wore team colors (red was the designated color)
· We cheered, whooped and applauded when people in support of not evicting BCIS spoke during the public comments part of the meeting.
· We watched and listened while officials deliberated and in the end…
· OUR TEAM WON!!!!!   The City Council dropped the motion to evict and said they would work with the group to try to help them find a new place to relocate to in the city before their current lease runs out (as originally set) in 2018, which gives them more time to find a new location.

 So much has been going on in our country that has been so disheartening, and the feeling of powerlessness at times has been so deeply discouraging for me.  The range of people who came to speak out on behalf of those who need the services of BCIS made me so happy; former city council members, clergy from several faiths, volunteers who serve there and a person who had benefited from their services.  It felt so encouraging to be even a small part of helping right an injustice in our area, to see that there are ways we can make a difference.  My prayer is that the Lord will help each of us to be more aware of what we can do to be a voice for/help those in need and to have both the courage and make the time to do these things.


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