Why do we need to translate the Old testament?

I saw the above truths come to light right before my eyes during our September language community engagement meetings in Nigeria.  During the meetings, it was explained how important local ownership of the Bible translation project is.  The local community decides what Scriptures will best address the specific issues their communities are dealing with.  This is how impact is being planned into Bible translation projects even before the project is complete.  Every language group in attendance chose some old testament portions to translate within the next 3 years! 
Here's an example of one language committee's translation plan:

  • Genesis, or other appropriate Old Testament portions, will be translated, published and distributed in audio, video, phone app and print formats for use in ministry to diverse audiences.
  • New Testament portions that address cultural taboos regarding men and women and marriage, 1 & 2 Corinthians or possibly Ephesians and 1st Corinthians are translated, published and distributed in audio, phone app and print formats.
  • 60 audio Bibles will be distributed for use in discipleship groups and 1200 SD memory cards will be distributed.  
  • Church leaders will be engaged and invited to provide input into ongoing project priorities and goals.


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