Do you still read a print Bible?

Wow!  There are now around 500 minority language Bibles available on  I think this is a fairly new accomplishment.  I just saw it last week.  These Bibles are "print-on-demand".  Think about what this means and even why this is a good idea and might even be necessary to provide people access to Scripture in their heart language.

Anyone in the world can potentially search the site to see if their language yet has a Bible for sale.  And they don't have to live in the minority language location.  Some years back I used to receive calls from people wanting to buy a Bible in their language from Wycliffe.  I would have to tell them that those Bibles were only sold in the minority language area!  

The world is changing (faster and faster).  Not everyone who speaks what we used to call a tribal language still lives in what we used to call a tribal location.  People move, whether they are a refugee, or moved for educational or employment or other reasons... but they take their mother tongue language with them... and now they have a better chance of finding a print copy of their Bible on Amazon.    You can check it out yourself at this link!  

I can hear your questions already:  How about people without computers and internet access?  Let me answer here:  
Yes, print Bibles are still sold in those minority language areas!

I've mentioned before (in 2014) that the YouVersion Bible App had over 1000 versions available.  Many of those versions are minority languages.  At least one Nigerian language that I've worked on has their Scripture on the YouVersion App.  

Check this out!  
Now the YouVersion has over 1500 versions which encompass 1134 languages!  

 Stay tuned for my next post which I will give a glimpse into how all these digital Bibles are now possible.  

In the meantime, let me know what other questions you might have about Bible distribution or other topics you'd like to hear about.


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