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Today, I'm thinking of African food... West African food and although we've eaten more Ghanaian dishes than from other West African countries, there are many regional similarities (and distinctness as well).  John is still getting to know and love Nigerian food too as his work involves developing and managing Bible translation projects in Nigeria requires frequent trips there.  

During one of our Discovery orientations in Ghana, we encourage our interns to discover new foods and we lead by example.  Shevawn discovers eba (for the first time) with (one of her favorites) egusi stew!  

During the same orientation, John encourages a Discoverer to enjoy a new taste to both: ogbono soup! 

  Some of you have been able to enjoy a few tastes of Ghanaian cooking, when we have made groundnut soup with rice balls. Yummy right?

Serving groundnut soup to our friends at Northminster Church!  

Well... finally, the free recipe we promised in the blog title!  
Now is your chance to enjoy the taste of West Africa in your own home courtesy of a new Wycliffe kids cookbook featuring easy kid friendly recipes.  
I've also heard this called Rice and Stew when served without the Black-eyed peas
and sometimes the name is shortened even more to "Stew" (still served with rice)

You can get the complete pdf version of this kids cookbook here!  This cookbook is a great free resource for easy international recipes. Included are tastes from the Americas, Africa, Asia, Pacific and Europe!

If you make some of the recipes in this book, please let us know which ones you like best!  


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