So this is where all those hours of web surfing can actually pay off!  In our January update, we mentioned that Shevawn and a Wycliffe colleague were working on creating some new content for the pre-internship orientation training site.  They have been looking for short (preferably humorous) videos or cartoons to pair with various assignments in order to introduce topics and to make things a bit more interesting.  It turns out finding good content (without violating copyrights) isn’t all that easy; we’ve found a few things that work but still have some subjects we haven’t found anything we like to go with yet.

 We’re inviting YOU to help improve our training site for interns who are going to help further Bible translation by sending us your ideas.  Here are the topics which we're still needing creative material for:

  • ·         someone trying to learn a language
  • ·         The importance of engaging in household chores when you are living with a host family: one possible idea I had was a video of someone doing working hard around the house while another person is a couch potato
  • ·         how giving gifts inappropriately can shift relational dynamics in unhealthy ways. 
      Please send us links to what you've found...and thanks so much for partnering with us in this way!


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