Travel dangers

Travel is uncertain and surely there are dangers... 
but someone was praying on 25th March!

John is so very thankful for a big answer to your prayers for safe travel on his most recent trip:
  • On 24 March demonstrators blocked the airport expressway by erecting barricades and lighting fires on both sides of the road, resulting in significant traffic disruptions.
On 25 March John traveled peacefully to the airport!
  • On 26 March the main thoroughfare that connects the capital to the International Airport was disrupted again by protests. 

Here are some of the travel warnings published about the incidents:
Demonstrators in the Gosa market area blocked the Airport Expressway on 24 March to protest the market’s closure. Demonstrators erected barricades on the expressway and lit fires on both sides of the road; the protest resulted in significant traffic disruptions along the expressway

Travelers in the capital Abuja in the coming hours are advised to plan alternative routes to Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport due to an ongoing protest. Demonstrators on the Airport Road are reportedly throwing stones at vehicles and have created roadblocks out of burning tyres. Unconfirmed reports suggest that traders are protesting the demolition of Gosa Market. A similar protest took place on 24 March, blocking the same route.

Nigeria (Security threat level - 5): On 26 March 2018, demonstrators in the Gosa area of Abuja blocked the Abuja Airport Expressway -- a main thoroughfare that connects the capital to Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport (ABV) -- to protest against the demolition of the Gosa Market. Protesters burned tires and pieces of wood on the road and threw stones at police officers, who retaliated with tear gas. The unrest significantly disrupted traffic on the expressway, including travel to the airport. Meanwhile, individuals purportedly extorted motorists caught in the gridlock and broke the windows of vehicles when drivers refused to cooperate with their demands, according to local media. Several people were reportedly injured and property was damaged in the violence.

Thanks again for your prayers for our work!  


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