We need your help

We don't talk about this very often (unless asked), but we don't have a guaranteed salary. The salary we do receive every month fluctuates based on the partnership of many of you reading this (friends, family and churches).  The current reality is that many of our long-term supporters are now retired and in their 70's or 80's and not able to continue supporting our mission at the levels they once did.  Wycliffe sets a ministry budget amount for us to raise and we are currently averaging less than 100%.

Consider this a personal invitation to partner with us in our Wycliffe work to end Bible poverty.

More info is here or here: Partnership ... or contact us directly if  possibly we can answer any questions you have.

Just over the last 10 years when inflation has been quite low, it still affects our (and your) budget.  A $50 item in 2008 now costs almost $58.  

What types of donations does Wycliffe accept? 

Of course most people think of monetary donations (via phone, mail or online)
but less well known are the non-cash Gifts-In-Kind that Wycliffe accepts. This can be most anything of value from your car/boat/RV to a cell phone, computer, jewelry or other items.

Thanks for reading this far.  We really value and appreciate your prayers and the many other ways that we receive encouragement to stick with this mission.  Our hope is that more people might join-in to help as we EndBiblePoverty.


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