Why Nigeria?

Community testing Nigerian Sign Language Bible

The total number of living indigenous languages in Nigeria is 509.

Did you know there are about 227 languages still waiting to start Bible translation in Nigeria alone? There are only one or two countries in the world with more languages waiting than Nigeria. (who can guess which countries?) 
For a bit of perspective, in Ghana where we used to live, there are ten or less languages still waiting for Bible translation to start.  So, Nigeria is a very strategic location for John to work in, especially since the culture(s) and even some languages I learned in Ghana give me a big head start in understanding and relating to people in Nigeria.  

With 227 languages yet to start, how are we going to meet our Vision 2025 goal of starting every Bible translation project which is needed by the year 2025?  It sounds impossible, and without God it surely is impossible... But some exciting things are now happening which could make this possible sooner rather than later.  Look for a blog post soon with more about these new happenings.  


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