Pray for 227

There are about 1600 people groups or Bibleless languages still waiting for Bible translation to start in their language.  That is a lot, however I seem to remember that when we first started serving in Wycliffe, that number was around 2500.  Much progress has been made and the pace of Bible translation has gotten much faster over the past couple decades.

Notice that Nigeria has 227 languages still needing Bible translation to start! There s only one country in the world with greater needs than Nigeria. (Any guesses?) We are excited to be serving in such a strategic place as Nigeria!

Last week we encouraged you to pray for zero people still waiting for Scripture in their language.  This week we are praying for the 227 people groups still waiting in Nigeria... but however you look at it, there is still a lot of work to do.  I used to tell our Discovery interns jokingly that the easy Bible translations are already complete (if any of them were truly easy)... we have saved the most difficult ones for this generation.  Just look at this map... there is some truth that the remaining task is in some very difficult circumstances.  We remain committed to the task and are thankful for everyone who is with us on this mission to end BiblePoverty!


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